Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

I have been watching Songland, the show where songwriters can get their songs picked for famous singers. The most recent show I watched starred Leona Lewis.  Leona Lewis is a British singer, songwriter, actress, model and activist.  She is known for winning Britain’s Got Talent.  Her song “Bleeding Hearts” is a famous song.

The show is interesting because four songwriters present their material to the singer and music writers and producers, of which there are three.  Of the four songwriters, the singer is able to choose 3 songwriters for the producers to work with.  Work is done on the lyrics, the melodies, the beat, and then some.  The final production is a song that hopefully suits the singer, in this case, Leona Lewis.

The three songs that were presented to her were very different.  Perfect skin was an inspirational female song that no matter what you look like you are ok inside.  You don’t have to have perfect skin to be beautiful.  That is a subject that is common but still resonates for female artists.  Another song was sung by an African female from St. Croix.  Her song was completely changed into a latin song with latin lyrics mixed with English lyrics.  It was very interesting and appealed to an international audience.  It was the song that Leona Lewis picked to record.

The interesting part of the show is the way the writers/producers change the lyrics and melodies on the existing songs.  They are able to change a very plain song into a more current and more pleasing song to listen to.  Sometimes I like the original song that was presented more than the revised song.  However, the final song is usually amazing.  I have to applaud the work that is done to make the song memorable and different.

I do recommend watching the show a few times.  You cannot watch it once as it will not give you a good chance to see different artists pick various songs.



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