Music Blogging

Music Blogging

Music Blogging

I have been music blogging with TMZ Designs for the past three months.  I find it very rewarding to blog about music since it is my one true passion.  I am writing this blog to point out the pitfalls that one needs to be aware of prior to entering into this field.

First pick something that you completely enjoy writing about.  It needs to be a minimum of 300 words but it can be more if you wish.  I have typically written blogs that were about 320 to 340 words.

Second set up your advertising.  I have gone to Amazon, Commission Junction and Shareasale in their affiliate marketing program.  I have been thoroughly trained by two individuals, one of whom I will be interviewing next week.  Once you master the technical part of the job it is not difficult.

Earning money is the tricky part.  You might have great content on your website, but you have to have purchases of your product.  If the traffic comes but does not buy any product you will not earn any commissions.  The buyers cannot be yourself, family members, friends or colleagues.  They have to be anonymous traffic for the most part to get paid the commissions.  At least that is what Amazon told me.

I thought that once I had 49 blogs that I would have purchases from my traffic.  But 90 days in and I have only received 5 purchases, none of which have been recognized by my advertisers.  BNB Tobacco is one of the advertisers on my site.  I hope that they give me credit for 4 sales because it would be such a shame if they did not.  I have written them five times and provided them with all the information necessary to track these sales.  I still have their banner on my website.  It is crucial that these small advertisers honor the affiliate marketing code and recognize sales and pay commissions that they are liable to pay.  If they do not then we should not provide free advertising for them on our website.

By August 29, 2019, BNB Tobacco gave me a commission on the 4 purchases that my customer made.  Even though the commission is $8.30 and the minimum payout is $50.00, it means that the affiliate program is starting to work.  Bravo BNB Tobacco for cutting me a manual commission check.

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