Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

I always pondered the death of Marilyn Monroe.  Was it suicide or murder?  Did she suffer tragically because of her mentally ill mother and her placement in various foster homes?  Did she herself inherit mental illness from her mother?

She could have overdosed on pills.  They found her on her bed in the nude with pills on the night stand next to her.  Her marriage to Joe DiMaggio was rooted in love.  But Joe wanted her to give up her career as an actress and that was something she did not want to do.  Joe truly loved.  Her marriage to Arthur Miller, the writer of the Crucible, was not a good one.

Marilyn kept on seeking love where she could find it.  She took acting lessons.  She got herself roles in movies.  A must see is Some Like It Hot.  But she was an unhappy woman.  If she stayed with Joe DiMaggio she probably never would have ending up killing herself.

But was it murder?  There is an opinion that the Kennedys were involved with this but I find that hard to believe.  But then again who really knows the story behind Marilyn’s death.

Elton John wrote the song “Candle In The Wind” about Marilyn Monroe.  Marilyn was 36 years old when she died.  Elton also used this song for Princess Diana when she died at 36 years old. Elton lyrics say “your candle burned out long before you legend ever did.”

Today Marilyn is still an iconic figure incorporating the sexy blonde.  Her acting ability was good but never great.  But it was her story that was so compelling.  One could not help be drawn into her story.

Marilyn’s death will always be up for conjecture. Her life, however, is a testament to how strong she was despite all the odds against her.


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