How I Fell In Love With Guitar

How I Fell In Love With Guitar

How I Fell In Love With Guitar

My mother purchased an inexpensive guitar for her three daughters.  I was the youngest one.  I had the most interest in learning the guitar.  She bought a guitar because it was inexpensive and portable.  I also wanted a piano but she refused to buy me one.  She said it is too expensive. I would go to my neighbor’s house and play her piano.  I would sit for hours and just hear chords in my mind and figure them out on the piano.

But guitar was my first instrument that I loved.  I started taking lessons at age 13 close to my home in Queens.  The owner of the music store was located on Vleigh Place.  He used to let me take sheet music free of charge.  I was like a child in a candy store looking at all the sheet music with guitar chords.  I will never forget those wonderful memories.

One of the first pieces I learned from my guitar teacher, who was owner of the store, was Malaguena.  It is a Spanish piece that I teach to my students.  My mother played a little guitar herself as well as my sister.

When I was 14 years old I taught the neighborhood boys how to play guitar.  It was my first business and I loved it.  I got such pleasure out of teaching guitar.  I still teach guitar today and it is one of those things that I derive such satisfaction out of doing.

In high school, I would bring my guitar to school and play for the students.  One of my teachers ask me to do a report on Seals and Crofts, a 70’s duo.  I brought the guitar in and sang a song by Seals and Crofts.  She gave me an A for the paper and the class enjoyed the novelty of having someone perform their paper with guitar and vocals.

I have included one of my songs from my CD, Frozen in Time, entitled “Siren Song”.
I hope you enjoy listening to it.  My CD is for sale on this website on the right side.




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