Enneagram – Best Personality Model

Enneagram - Best Personality Model

Enneagram – Best Personality Model

The Enneagram is the Best Personality Model.  But it is so important that people pick up a book or go to the internet to see what this model of human personality is really about.  It can be the best thing you have ever done.  I have taught this model to hundreds of people for pay.

Type One is the Perfectionist.  They repress anger as they are not confrontational.  But their inner critic is so strong on themselves that it could easily seep out onto others causing them to be quite judgmental.  I call them the porcupines.  Their comments can sting.  They don’t feel that way because they just have an inner ideal that they want the world to conform to.  Type Type Two is the Helper.  They help in order to get back unconditional love.  They are the people pleasers but are truly very loving.  Mother Theresa was a very healthy Type Two.  The average two gives to get back something.  Type Three is the Achiever.  They are success driven busy people who fit in to America’s theme of success and keeping busy.  Once they stop they have a lot of sadness.  It is hard for them to relax.  They do for praise from outside themselves.  Type Four is the Artist.  They create from sadness within themselves.  They are also the romantics of the world.  Type Five is the Observer.  These are very cerebral individuals and make good scientific people, engineers, and those into informational technology.  Type Six is called the Loyalist.  They are great in relationships and in companies.  Sixes can be phobic or counter phobic.  The two look completely different.  Type Seven is the Enthusiast.  These people want more and more of something.  They are fun, spontaneous people.  Type Eight are the Leaders.  Their energy is confrontational.  Type Nine is the Peace Maker.  They go with the flow and play Switzerland in most situations.

This is just a snap shot view of the entire Enneagram.  I have been studying this model for over 20 years and teaching it for 15 years.  If anyone would like to learn more about it please contact me.

The following video is a snapshot of one person’s take on the Enneagram:


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