Can Spiritual Music Be Accepted?

Can Spiritual Music Be Accepted?

Can Spiritual Music Be Accepted?

Can spiritual music be accepted in todays’ world.  Lauren Daigle has proven that it can be with songs such as “You Say” and “Love Like This.”  When I first listened to it I thought it was about a man whom Lauren was singing about.  But one can also hear the song’s spiritual nature as it could be God that Lauren sings “I never knew love like this.”  “When I am a wasteland, you are the water.”  “When I am the winter, you are the fire that burns.”   The lyrics are beautiful.  “What have I done to deserve love like this.”  “Your voice like a whisper, breaking the silence.”  The chorus is “What have I done to deserve love like this.”  It is a spiritual piece as her lyrics include “Hallelujah” four times.

I believe she is one of the best new artists in today’s music.  I never thought I would love a Christian artist so much.

I love the soft rock duo Seals and Crofts from the 1970’s.  They were of the Bahai Faith.  The Bahai Faith centers on the teachings of the 19th century, Persian prophet, Bahaullah.  They sang “Summer Breeze”, “Diamond Girl”, “We May Never Pass This Way Again” and so many others.  These two men were very religious.  At one point there was so much controversy as they wrote a song called Unborn Child.  It was an anti-abortion song.  They got a lot of flack for it and lost a great deal of their fan base.  How unfortunate that just for expressing their religious views their record sales dropped substantially.  They disbanded in 1980.  They reunited briefly in the early 1990’s and again in 2004 when the released their final album together entitled “Traces.”

All in all I do not criticize religious singers for voicing their views.  In a democracy, we should be able to allow for the diverse religious points of view in the music of yesterday and today.

This song below is Diamond Girl by Seals and Crofts.






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