Artist Management

Artist Management

Artist Management

I met with my long time friend Lydia today to discuss what we want to do with the rest of our lives.  We both do not want to work for others and we are fiercely independent with strong creative backgrounds and passions.  Lydia mentioned that she was a Band Manager and Producer of live music and comedy events.  She had also hosted and produced a music podcast program.  After brainstorming for over one hour, we both decided that we would like to team up to do artist representation and publicity for singer/songwriters and bands.

We are seeking submissions from artists that are looking for representation.  The genres that we are focusing on are original rock, folk, and R&B & Soul.  We especially encourage woman singer songwriters to submit their materials.  There is a contact tab on this website if you wish to submit materials through their it will show up on my email.  You can send your demo through a YouTube link and include your website, youtube channel. Please include your name, contact information, phone number and email address.

Lydia has much experience in the way of artist representation.  As a trained pianist, we met at St. John’s University.  Lydia was on WSJU and hosted a music show.

The podcast that Lydia worked on featured music and artists from around the world.  It had music and interviews from emerging and known artists.  Lydia started this to encourage listeners to expand their musical tastes to artists and music of other countries.

We would like to book venues and get interviews for performers and showcase talent.  We am planning to launch a podcast series to showcase new and emerging talent.

We would like to ultimately sign an artist or a group for exclusive representation.  We are a boutique agency and focus all our attention on that one or two artists that sign with us.






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